Responses for How often do you visit East Peak?

name distance (mi) options comments date likes like?
Anonymous 14.7 Monthly 03/08/2016 0
Anonymous 11.8 Monthly 07/22/2015 0
Anonymous 4.6 Monthly 02/08/2016 0
Elizabeth Smith 2.3 Monthly 11/19/2015 0
Jordan Herrmann 15.2 Monthly East Peak is a charming place. A reminder of another time in California. People who are very familiar with Mt.Tamalpais should make there thoughts known regarding any changes to Mt.Tamalpais. We all have a stake in and own our Parks, not just those mis-trusted to manage these Parks. As has been shown in the decision to turn Easy Grade Trail into a mountain bike riding trail by the MTSP staff. The same staff who will be making these decisions about East Peak. Join together to oversee how this Park is managed. Google, "Hikers & Walkers Opposed Meetup" and sign up. 03/08/2016 0